Gearboxes Vibrational Analysis

Gearboxes Vibrational Analysis

RIDUTTORI ITALIA carries out vibrational analysis investigations. The values ​​obtained allow to define the functional state of the gearbox, highlighting the wear in progress.

The vibration evaluation is a continuous monitoring of the real operating conditions of each machine. This is a monitoring that is implemented thanks to non-destructive control techniques able to preventively detect the symptoms of failure and to predict their evolution over time, so as to plan maintenance if necessary. This allows sudden stops due to plant failure, avoiding any economic losses.

The vibrational checks on the gearboxes are repeated cyclically with frequencies that vary according to the type of control, machine and criticality of the machine itself.

The data obtained allow the elaboration of a vibrational report which is analyzed to highlight any anomalies and transmitted to the managers for the planning and scheduling of maintenance interventions.

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