Special Gearboxes For Asphalt Cutting Machines: a Solved Case

Special Gearboxes For Asphalt Cutting Machines: a Solved Case

Asphalt cutters are used in the road maintenance and resurfacing sector to cut materials such as asphalt, road surfaces, reinforced concrete and floors of any type.

These machines are equipped with an asphalt cutting disc and are of the hydraulic type, therefore with oil in circulation to transmit power to the cutting device.

Precisely because of the precision with which this equipment for resurfacing the road surface must operate, the gearbox applied to it must work best by reducing the torque to "speed up" the motion of the driving wheel.

Made-to-measure gearboxes for asphalt cutters: the case of Riduttori Italia

A few months ago we had the opportunity to collaborate with an important manufacturer of asphalt cutting machines for the design and construction of a customized reducer.

The customer came to us disconsolate, because he could not find a supplier who could satisfy his needs: a gearbox to be applied to the hydraulic motor of the equipment to provide a certain cutting speed. After carefully examining the application requests, we presented a customized project providing a gearbox that guaranteed non-standard physical and working characteristics.

This was certainly not the only request of this type, since Riduttori Italia is a company specialized in the design and production of non-standard gearboxes.

In fact, a request was presented to us for a reducer to be applied to a forklift equipped with a gripper where there was the need to have a special manipulator suitable for forging. In this case we had to consider that the movement of the forks had to be very precise and had to deal with limited displacements, therefore speed and applied torque were carefully related in the customized gearbox that we created.

If your needs are also similar to those described above, contact us: we will be able to provide you with the advice you need for the construction of your custom-made gearbox, based on your real application needs.