Gearbox Revamping: What it is And How it Works

Gearbox Revamping: What it is And How it Works

The revamping service is a gearbox overhaulmaintenance and renovation. The purpose is to restore the gearbox to its original conditions.

The revamping process of a gearbox takes place in three phases:

  • disassembly
  • refurbishment
  • final test.

In the first disassembly phase, the technical operator cleans and inspects the components to check its status.
At this point, the thorough analysis of critical components such as gears, bearings and shafts is essential, followed by non-destructive tests to assess their conditions.

Once the parts to be restored have been identified, the gearbox can be refurbished. Usually the components subject to the greatest wear are bearings, sealing rings, gears (pinions and toothed wheels), casings and supports.
If necessary, in this refurbishment phase, the housing seats are also reworked.

The final testing phase consists in verifying compliance through a test during which the gearbox is rotated at rated speed.
During testing, the gearbox is applied continuously filtered oil until the minimum required contamination level is reached: the analysis of the lubricants allows greater knowledge of the state of the mechanical parts, allowing to evaluate the state of operation.
Non-destructive tests ensure the state of surface wear of the gears and the integrity of cases and flanges.

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Finally, the vibrational analysis follows, which consists of evaluating parameters such as the displacement, speed and acceleration of machinery or individual components and allows you to diagnose the health of the components by obtaining a vibration report.
The vibrational checks on the gearboxes must be repeated cyclically with frequencies that vary according to the type of control, machine and criticality of the machine itself in order to plan any maintenance interventions.

Riduttori Italia performs vibration analysis on medium and large gearboxes: contact us to find out more.