Bevel-helical gearboxes

Bevel-helical Gearboxes

Bevel-helical gearboxes are mechanical components consisting of helical toothed cylindrical gears and a bevel gear pair. They are defined orthogonal since the torque shaft is positioned orthogonally with respect to the input motor shaft. They are normally comparable to the parallel axis type, which they replace for space reasons.

The characteristics of the helical bevel gearboxes are:

  • robustness
  • high performance
  • compactness
  • reliability
  • universality
  • easy application
  • low-maintenance.

These components are generally used in all those systems where medium-high transmission ratios and torques are required such as conveyor belts, intralogistics and packaging technology.

RIDUTTORI ITALIA designs and manufactures bevel gear reducers of all sizes, with the possibility of customizing the mechanical characteristics to better adapt to the specific application: contact us for a quote!

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