Parallel shaft gearboxes

Parallel Shaft Gearboxes

Parallel shaft gearboxes are mechanical components similar to the category of worm geared motors. They are characterized by being composed of a cylindrical gear wheel with helical teeth in which the driven element meshes with an endless life, making the process very silent.

These devices are called parallel axes because both the crankshaft and the torque shaft are positioned in exactly the same direction, with possibility to have multiple output axes for use in complex machines.

Parallel shaft gearboxes are generally used for heavy duty, up to 700.00 Nm and more, that is systems where medium-high gear ratios and torques are required.

RIDUTTORI ITALIA  designs and manufactures parallel shaft gearboxes of all sizes, with the possibility of  customization in the mechanical characteristics to better adapt to the specific application: contact us for a quote!

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